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Lemon Meringue Tarts

NO BAKE Lemon Meringue Tart

ake perfect Hot Cross Buns

Tart Shell Ingredients

  • Cake flour 453g

  • Granulated sugar 140g

  • Almond flour 104g

  • Unsalted butter 350g

  • Whole eggs 86g


  1. Preheat oven to 350F.

  2. Using a paddle, cream butter and sugar together until light and fluffy.

  3. Add almond flour and beat in well.

  4. Add cake flour at low speed and mix until incorporated.

  5. Add eggs and mix just until combined, DO NOT overmix!

  6. Wrap dough and chill in the cooler until firm enough to roll, about 1 hour.

  7. Roll dough to 1/4" thick and cut to the desired size, place in your tart mold and cut off excess dough at the top of the rim.

  8. With a fork, poke holes in the bottom of the tart shell. Place a piece of parchment paper on top of the dough and fill it with beans or rice to weigh it down. This will prevent the dough from bubbling.

  9. Bake shells at 350F for 8-10 minutes or until the dough bounces back when gently pressed.

  10. Allow shells to cool before filling.

Lemon Curd Ingredients

  • Fresh lemon juice 80g

  • Whole eggs 3g

  • Granulated sugar 217g

  • Egg yolks 40g

  • Unsalted butter (small pieces) 180g

  • Gelatin sheets (gold) 4g

  • Fresh lemon zest 5g


  1. Bloom gelatin sheets by soaking them in cold water.

  2. Cook the lemon juice, whole eggs, granulated sugar, and egg yolks while whisking to 185F, then remove from the heat.

  3. Squeeze water from bloomed gelatin sheets, add them to the lemon mixture, and then add the zest.

  4. With an immersion blender, mix in the butter in small pieces until smooth.

  5. Fill cooled tart shells and allow to set in the refrigerator.

Meringue Ingredients

  • Egg whites 250g

  • Granulated sugar 450g

  • Glucose 50g

  • Water 150g


  1. Cook water, glucose, and sugar to 240F.

  2. Once the sugar mixture has reached 235F, start whipping egg whites on high speed to soft peaks.

  3. Once the sugar has reached 240F, carefully and slowly pour the sugar mixture into the mixing bowl, along the sides of the bowl so it doesn't touch the whip.

  4. Continue to whip on high speed until the bottom of the bowl is cool to the touch.

  5. Pipe meringue on top of the chilled tarts and torch lightly for a nice golden color.

  6. Time to TASTE!!!

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