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Creme Brulee

Classic Crème Brûlée that Only Takes 5 Ingredients! Simple and AMAZING!

Creme Brulee Ingredients

  • Whole milk 120g

  • Heavy cream 288g

  • Sour cream 72g

  • Granulated sugar 38g

  • Granulated sugar 38g

  • Egg yolks 96g

  • Vanilla bean 3pcs


  1. Preheat oven to 300F.

  2. Boil milk, heavy cream, sour cream, and 1st sugar.

  3. Mix 2nd sugar and egg yolks together then temper in the cream mixture by pouring the cream mixture slowly while whisking. This will prevent the hot cream from curdling the egg yolks.

  4. Cut vanilla beans lengthwise and scrape out the beans, then add them to the mixture.

  5. Return mixture to the stove and cook slowly until it thickens, DO NOT overcook. It is ready when the cream does not spread when you run your finger through on a rubber spatula.

  6. Strain batter and fill ramekins.

  7. Bake in a water bath at 300F for about 35 minutes. Gently tap the ramekins and if the batter jiggles as one unit, it is done.

  8. Let chill in the cooler before serving.

  9. When ready to serve, sprinkle an even layer of granulated sugar and burn with a torch until well caramelized.

  10. Time to TASTE!!!

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